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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Websites by Bartleby Press

I know I have been delinquent in posting a blog for the last few weeks(a marketing no, no) but we have been busy developing a new addition to our communication services. I thought about this for a long time over the frustration I had with so called web designers, web masters, or web information specialists. They have been at least unreliable, inconsistent and at times, incompetent with my business development strategy. This is a common frustration among business owners. Competency is the highest compliment that I give to an employee or vendor. To be competent means that I can ask you to get it done and not think about it again because I know it will get done right the first time. But I stray…announcing Websites by Bartleby.

Websites by Bartleby is developed around the benefit that we see in clean, concise, informative and affordable websites.

When your community is on the go, your connection to their lives should be too! With the use of Wordpress, an easy to use website developer program, all the benefits of having a source for your online community is there without all the frustration and disappointments. We still maintain our position statement—High Tech Solutions…Old Fashioned Service!

Websites by Bartleby works to create for you a 20 plus page website that is tailored to your business and online community needs. After development the site administration can be handed over to your staff. It is that simple—EASY to update, and enhances your personal intention online. 

Should you need our continued assistance we also offer website limited maintenance and full management services as an aid to your website’s growth and development.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to choose a Print Service.

If you are a print broker, designer, procurer or any part of the publishing industry you should already have a working knowledge of the "Print Process." Far too often I am asked to quote a job and there is little or not enough information to forward a quality estimate. This will offer me the opportunity to speak with a person and establish a working relationship.

Most print firms have an online presence that should guide you through the process; Quantity, finish size, process or spot color, bleeds, pages- one side or two side, bleeds, folds, bindery, did I mention bleeds. I don't think that is taught in school or they cut the class that day. Know what is required of your artwork before you ask for a quote as it will make a difference in the quote.

Before visiting a simple phone call can save time and money. Going over your specs asking press size and requirements is essential to the decision making process. It will also let you know if the print firm has a working knowledgeable or a sales person is working on commission. If they can answer your questions and are helpful then and only then it might be worth your time to visit the plant.

Clean press rooms are sign of conscientious workers. However, talking to line pressmen about a job on the press is generally a no,no. That is why print firms have heavy charges for press checks. It is distracting them from the job and asking questions about color or what could be different when the job is on the press is too late. Those are the questions you should ask the pre-production staff. Keep in mind any quality print firm should check your work and assist you before the plates are burned.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Social Media—Word of Mouth Marketing

A fast way for branding your company and gathering information about potential customers is through social media. Learning and grasping all the details of this new market place is not as easy as it is presented. It requires a commitment of time. We all understand the value of social media to reach and inform potential customers about your business. We also know that it is a fabulous tool to listen and talk to your customers as well as creating messages that engage the customer. The key is understanding the basics before hiring someone or out sourcing your service.
Building your website and effectively connecting through the Internet should be a good part of your marketing plan. Creating the proper message, identifying your meta tags, and blogging on matters of interest, to name a few, improve your SEO and need constant maintenance. Most important monitoring your social media chatter should be a primary concern. It will improve your message to customers and prevent any potential disasters with a dissatisfied customer. Let’s face it does happen and how we handle their concern is paramount. I have learned the “rule of 300” the hard way, which in today’s terms could be the “rule of 3 million.” You may not keep all your customers happy but preventing them from telling 300 friends what an awful experience they had with you is pretty important. It is the way of human nature that we are more likely to convey a bad experience than we are a good one and they will never forget it. A good example is YELP. If I am thinking of trying a new restaurant often I will Google them and up pops YELP reviews. If I read a bad review it makes me wonder about going there, not that I take every review as an expert opinion, but there are people who are just plain mean. Although, a bad review makes me think twice about going there. So I wonder why would that restaurant keep that review up for people to see unless they are NOT MONITORING their social media.
Like any new product/tool understanding the mechanics of manipulating the system to your advantage is not necessary but highly recommended. Getting advice from an expert can be a costly lesson to learn without understanding the overall strategy. You need to know enough to set effective policies. Social media is no different from the town crier, the farmers market, the public square postings, print media and your direct mailings with the exception that it reaches globally and can destroy your reputation as fast as you can build it. Social Media is a modern way to create word of mouth— a good way to market your company.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Business printing service remains the cornerstone of effective marketing in today’s world despite of the ease of the computer, mobile devices and the Internet. In the whole scheme of things the Internet is only a partial solution; a door opener and a follow up for the face-to-face meeting. There is nothing more personal than a business card or other printed collateral to leave a lasting impression with your customer. In today’s business atmosphere after the Power Point presentation the tangible piece of descriptive business printing is the vital take-away.

A printing serviceprovide business cards, envelopes, brochures, catalogs, magazines, programs, white papers, forms, contracts and handouts in quantities that are more cost effective than the color copier. For instance, shipping a product to an existing customer is an opportunity for a product update or add-on sale with color brochures and inserts.

If you are attending a trade show, business cards and color printing are a must. Digital printing is perfect for targeting captured audiences. You can map your message directly to a specific customer need.  Partnering with a printing service can assist you with graphic design, layout and color choices that will make a lasting impression. And what about after the trade show? Phone calls, emails, postcards and thank you notes are in order.

I am not saying that digital printing will close the sale for you but a color brochure in the customer’s hand says you care enough to leave something with them. 

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the presidenr of Bartleby Press, an Austin printing service

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why everyone needs a good proofreader…

Copywriters and bulletin editors tend to take things personally. When I was publishing an Irish culture magazine I detested it when something I've written went to a proofreader or copyeditor and my work came back all marked up. "I wanted THAT comma just where I put it!!"

On the other hand, it is embarrassing when I've printed an article and someone sends an email saying "I could not read the article because of the errors?"

When you are gathering copy for your weekly bulletin it may come to you in bits and pieces with the expectation that the editor will clean it up, rewrite it or edit it down for space. That takes time and if you are still putting the bulletin together you are behind the eight ball every week or rolling that massive stone. It tends to create a Sisyphus atmosphere. You remember the mythical cruel Corinth king condemned in Hades to roll a boulder up a hill only to have roll back down again. 

Bartleby Press’ church bulletin service takes the layout process out of your hands allowing for more time to edit and proofread. If you would like more time to proofread and write your bulletin visit under the Church Publishing and Website Services menu or call us at 512-452-3413

Monday, June 4, 2012

Your Website is a Tool of the Future

A question that I am asked most often is where do you see the bulletin going in the future?

My first reaction is don’t you mean to ask what do you see in the future for parish communication?

When you think about parish communication of activities and events the pulpit announcement is first and foremost as the most effective avenue to reach your congregation. Accommodating parish ministries requests for pulpit announcements can add more than a few minutes to the pulpit announcements and most pastors refrain from a multitude of announcements before and or after Mass. The alternatives are the bulletin and the parish website.

The bulletin announcement or bulletin insert is the next obvious choice. Most submissions can turn into a short novelette rather than the announcement of a coming week activity. Often writers are not educated in copy writing and submit long and repetitive entries leaving the bulletin editor hours of unwanted revision, often subjecting themselves to a writer’s scorn for editorial privilege.  The bulletin should have a singular purpose of highlighting all the activities pertaining to the following week. A short synopsis of succinct copy, art and strong attention grabbing headlines will better serve any parish activity. Any more explanation of a ministry other than basic information (who, what, where and how)should be re-directed to the parish website.

As we entered into the age of information (the creation of the web 22 years old this past February 16) the opportunity to provide vast amounts of information about the many ministries is essential for a thriving parish community. Web-editors are becoming as important as the bulletin editor (most are one and the same). Parish administrators are becoming more aware of the advantage of having an up-to-date comprehensive website. Not only can ministries write pages of information they can send a viewer to links providing more insight to a subject Most recently mobile devices have entered the picture.

Our way of communicating has changed the bulletin from a sole source of information to a point of reference for the website. Integrating and keeping continuity between the bulletin and the website is the new challenge. Pastors and parish administrators wanting to know more about Bartleby Press’ bulletin service and website service should visit our website www.bartlebypress.comunder menu item website services.

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the president of Bartleby Press, an Austin bulletin  printing service

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Develop your Listening Skills and Improve your Bottom Line

There are benefits to a good education but there are some skills that are learned outside the classroom. Experience is what we commonly refer to as learning on the job; that innate ability to know and understand the business at hand. Networking, over coming objections, preparing and organizing your presentation, “thinking on your feet” are all valid but how often do we take into consideration LISTENING. Sharpening listening skills is relatively easy to begin practicing. Remember, listening is not a passive process.
Be ready to hear and consider all sides of an issue in other words listen with an open mind.  We may not agree with what is being said, but we must avoid defensiveness.  Consider the interaction an opportunity to understand new viewpoints and ideas.  Our willingness to listen to a different perspective will sometimes yield surprising new insights.
Begin with listening to the entire message and allow each conversation to run its course then and only then can you advance your thoughts, and respond with understanding. There is a proper time to respond and recognizing those signals will create an even flow with the conversation. Restrain the urge to interrupt it will devalue their message, and it is often perceived as rude and offensive. If ever you do interrupt it is good to be apologetic and acknowledge that you are interrupting; that awareness goes a long way towards mending your deliberate violation of the other person’s right to speak. We can only do one thing effectively at a time: listen or respond. 
The best gauge to know whether you are listening is actively looking for the central idea of what is said. Our job would be easy listening to a well-communicated idea, not all of us are effective communicators. Regardless of the speaker’s ability, if you can share a summary of what you heard you are confirming your understanding of the topic. Asking questions shows your understanding of a topic. When we ask questions, we are showing that we are listening and help the speaker to communicate effectively with us.  The ability to ask good questions also helps us to learn. I would caution you to use discretion and ask genuine questions. Questioning everything may back fire and perceived as a way to make you seem smart.
Finally the most important action is to show the speaker you are listening. Visible body language and audibly demonstrating that we are listening is just as important as the listening itself. A simple nod of the head, maintaining eye contact, taking notes when appropriate and verbal affirmation such as asking question assures the speaker we are paying attention. Practicing listening will open doors and increase your bottom line.
About the Author: Thomas Miner is the presidenr of Bartleby Press, an Austin printing service


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

4 Ways to Increase Revenue

1.   Dedicate more time to Promote Your Business
Time spent in building a communication/marketing strategy may seem overwhelming but once you complete the plan it is a matter of commitment. My advice? Set aside 1 hour per day to promote your business. During that time; update your website, write and send a blog, check your SEO for accurate keywords, implement a direct mailing, volunteer or provide services to your community, join a networking group. I find that when you get off your rear end and engage in face-to-face meetings and give back to the community regardless of your position with the company you will get results.
2.   Turn Prospects into Customers
Marketers once responsible for generating prospects now find themselves accountable for revenue. Building relationships and understanding the buyer’s journey before making a purchase takes time and is well worth the investment. Listening is critical to nurturing a lead and converting it into a sale. You can also use that information to target your marketing content to influence and guide other prospects accelerating your closing ratio.

In my case, Bartleby Press is a printing service and fast becoming a marketing resource. Business’ that can’t afford print design and message mapping lean on reliable resources to help them grow their business. The more turn-key an operation becomes the more likely you can turn a prospect into a customer.
3.   Partner with other Business Owners
Become a turn-key operation may involve partnering with other businesses to increase your bottom line. Most business will welcome any increase in sales. One of the most effective and easiest methods available is finding business’ that compliment yours. You can promote them and they can promote you and your customers get extra value they might not get elsewhere. It is a win-win situation.
4.   Give Better Service
Put your customers first and they will repay you. According to a 2010 American Express survey found that 75% of small business customers are willing to spend more with businesses that provide great service. But two thirds feel companies are NOT doing enough to earn their business. Go the extra mile and do what the other guys don’t do.
Now that are well into the second quarter of this year, are your sales growing? Stay the course.
Thomas Miner
President Bartleby Press

Monday, March 19, 2012

Need a good sounding board? Get a Mentor.

One of the smartest business activities I ever did was join Austin Executive Leads Club. Unlike most lead networking organizations it does not focus on mining the members for leads but focuses on the latest idea or frustrating issue. They are a collection of business executive/mentors at every level of success in various business areas sharing ideas and experiences in a non-judgmental environment. We have helped each other overcome challenges and take new ideas to the next level. The best part about the relationships is this association is dedicated to helping our businesses grow.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Church Bulletin Publisher Closes Doors

St. George Publishing, a relative new comer to the church bulletin service, has announced that they are closing their offices. They will cease publishing church bulletins as of March 4, 2012 according to Steven Karides, owner and president. Their abrupt decision to close their doors has left a number of churches in a lurch and scrambling to find other means to continue printing their bulletins.
Bartleby Press is availing their services to any church that may still be looking for alternatives. Bartleby Press has been publishing church bulletins for over 25 years and provides a custom bulletin service unlike any other. Please contact our offices at 512/452-3413 to get more information.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Put Your 2012 Goals in WRITING

Hi there,

I have been absent from my goal of submitting conversational messages regarding any interesting topics on printing, digital printing and the continued use of this ancient art of communicating. It seems that there are plenty of great topics that flow into my email box everyday and I find myself more interested in reading and commenting on their subjects than writing my own. What to do? Read, comment and learn? Or write, teach and post? And that, my friends, is the point of my conversation today. How do we best spend our time?

Time management should be the foremost concern of any successful businessperson as it is with me. So here it is, my goals for this coming year. Mind you, it is still January and it has taken this long to create this list.

1.    Write down my goals so I can read it every day. Written goals provide focus and clarity. What I WANT (results or outcomes) and what I need to DO (actions) to make it happen this year.

2.    Commit to my social media. Make 1 blog per week with entries of meaning and purpose for your growth as a business and person. The secret to success is helping people

3.    Rethink my Cross Media Marketing by understanding all the multichannel interactions. Customers are interacting with Bartleby Press printing services through my website, contact center and social media.

4.    Adopt a mobile strategy. Add the mobile web to my social media. Converting my business website to display and operate correctly on smart phones.

5.    Market new features and benefits to existing clients while offering them an upgrade at a reduced price. It becomes a win-win situation. Communicate with potential customers by asking them to take an action.

6.    Join a 6 new community or neighborhood groups and/or attend a new networking event

7.    When I ship out a product, follow up with a hand-written thank-you note to my customers.

8.    Survey my clients. Listening to customers can always give you a reality check. Find out what they don’t like and I will know what their needs are and how I can provide better service.

9.    Evaluate my competition. It’s smart to study successful competition. Learn how a competitor is beating you in business makes you a stronger business.

10.  Review my goals daily!