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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Put Your 2012 Goals in WRITING

Hi there,

I have been absent from my goal of submitting conversational messages regarding any interesting topics on printing, digital printing and the continued use of this ancient art of communicating. It seems that there are plenty of great topics that flow into my email box everyday and I find myself more interested in reading and commenting on their subjects than writing my own. What to do? Read, comment and learn? Or write, teach and post? And that, my friends, is the point of my conversation today. How do we best spend our time?

Time management should be the foremost concern of any successful businessperson as it is with me. So here it is, my goals for this coming year. Mind you, it is still January and it has taken this long to create this list.

1.    Write down my goals so I can read it every day. Written goals provide focus and clarity. What I WANT (results or outcomes) and what I need to DO (actions) to make it happen this year.

2.    Commit to my social media. Make 1 blog per week with entries of meaning and purpose for your growth as a business and person. The secret to success is helping people

3.    Rethink my Cross Media Marketing by understanding all the multichannel interactions. Customers are interacting with Bartleby Press printing services through my website, contact center and social media.

4.    Adopt a mobile strategy. Add the mobile web to my social media. Converting my business website to display and operate correctly on smart phones.

5.    Market new features and benefits to existing clients while offering them an upgrade at a reduced price. It becomes a win-win situation. Communicate with potential customers by asking them to take an action.

6.    Join a 6 new community or neighborhood groups and/or attend a new networking event

7.    When I ship out a product, follow up with a hand-written thank-you note to my customers.

8.    Survey my clients. Listening to customers can always give you a reality check. Find out what they don’t like and I will know what their needs are and how I can provide better service.

9.    Evaluate my competition. It’s smart to study successful competition. Learn how a competitor is beating you in business makes you a stronger business.

10.  Review my goals daily!