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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make Your Marketing Campaign a Success with a Color Brochure

3 Steps to keep in mind; the message, the design and the printing process.

STEP 1 Are you PRINTING the right Message?
A buyer-centric marketing model is an essential strategy in B2B direct mail marketing. Spending your time and money targeting your audience has always been the number one rule of marketing. Today, most buyers are shopping online and the paradigm shift is to a buyer driven market. Providing answers to difficult questions is made easy with market intelligence analytics. Where are my visitors coming from? What keywords did they use to get there? Are you creating efficient content? Where are my visitors abandoning my site? Why? How can I improve site interaction? Collecting website analytics information and mapping your message in your brochures and point of sale signage will help you convert missed opportunities.

STEP 2 It all starts with pictures and words: your brochure-printing layout.
Your brochures should have an effective headline that captures your reader’s attention and nothing replaces the attraction of pictures. Include images to support your brochure printing copy. Your brochure-printing elements should illuminate your message. Adding color to your promotional brochure will help your message POP. Although black ink on your brochure-printing project is neat and professional it lacks the pop you need to grab attention. There is an overwhelming response by people to print materials with color to emphasize their message, be it brochure printing, flyer printing, postcard printing, and even business card printing projects. That is why more and more business owners go for full color brochure printing. You also need to consider the paper for your brochure project, as well as the folding method to use. We would suggest a heavyweight, glossy stock text to create vibrant colors and a professional and upbeat appearance to your brochure-printing project. Card stock makes for a clumsy fold.

STEP 3 There are two choices for your brochure printing project: offset printing or digital printing.
Although both printing methods have the capacity to reproduce excellent quality brochures, offset printing is reserved for larger runs. The set up costs for offset brochure printing is more expensive, and are ideal for long runs.
Now that we have digital printing short run, full color brochure printing is affordable. Digital brochure printing allows you to reproduce print brochures in small volumes without the set up cost of offset printing. Digital printing is more suitable to test your message with your market or adapt your message with frequency.

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the founder of Bartleby Press, a printing service.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The efficiency of digital printing

So you think you can save money by printing your own flyers from home or on your business color copier? Are you spending your time wisely by printing business cards yourself? Are you the guy that gets free business cards online that has that advertisement on the back of your card that tells everyone you are so cheap that you get your business card printed free? And do you really expect people to spend money for your product after you hand them a free a card?

There is only one chance for a first impression. And we all should put our best impression forward.

Think about it. It probably costs you more money to do it your self than having a professional digital printing service do it for you. Just add up all the time you invest and the ink cartridge replacements and you will find you are better off finding a reliable printing firm to do it for you. At minimum it will look good and come out right the first time.

Most local printing services have digital printing as wells as off set printing. The short run quick turn-around color printing flyers, business cards or brochures of 2000 impressions or less is ideally suited for digital printing. It is more affordable than you can imagine. In most cases you can email a pdf and pick it up within hours or on your way to the tradeshow or presentation.

If you are looking for cost savings and your message is perfect for your market then I would suggest a long run of offset printing. The longer the run the less expensive color printing becomes with offset printing.

Whatever your needs are the old-fashioned customer service of an established printing service cannot be beat. At Bartleby Press we have customers that visit us once or twice a quarter and others many times during a month depending on their marketing needs. Save yourself time, money and the headache of producing your color printing by using a local printing service.