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Friday, December 10, 2010

Postcard Printing

 An effective postcard is a mini-marketing strategy that is inexpensive to produce and creates a strong impact to people. It can serve as a quick portrait of your business, telling people who you are, what you do, and how they can reach you. To maximize their long term potential, a postcard with a call to action and an offer is more likely to get results.

It is important that your postcard is well designed and delivered to the right customer and visit your printing service while you are designing to help save on your printing costs. Here are some tips that can guide you in making the right design decisions:
  • Postcards can be many different sizes that you can use but if you want to save on postage there are restrictions for post card postage. The smallest postcard usually measures 3.5 by 5 inches. Designing without considering mailing restrictions and postage cost in mind is a good reason to visit your printing service before designing.
  • A  postcard design catches the eye but the message you send is more important.
  • Use a minimum12pt. glossy paper stock for your postcards to make sure that your card will withstand all the harsh elements of mailing it.

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5 Tips to Increase Sales with Brochure Printing

Brochures are the foundation of any marketing campaign and provide your customers with a tangible document that communicates your most pertinent information.

  • Define the purpose of the brochure. Set goals, time lines and tracking features to monitor the results of the campaign.
  • State benefits that apply to the customer. Make it easy for customers to buy the products and services listed on the brochure.
  •  List Company Contact information with various contact methods via phone, e-mail, Website and a physical address.
  • State a call-to-action? Lead readers through a marketing message and let them know what they need to do to take advantage of the offer. Also, don’t forget to include pertinent codes, coupon information or tracking mechanisms.
  • For brochure mailing, use coating stock for more vibrant colors and it is more scuff resistant from mailing. Thicker, heavier paper stocks create a substantial feel to a brochure, while thinner paper stocks work well if the brochure needs multiple folds.

Monday, December 6, 2010

There are no Cheap Online Printing Services

No matter what people tell you……there is no such thing as cheap online printing. No more so than if you sell YOUR services or product cheap. You will pay one way or another. Added charges for adjusting your art work, reprints from flawed designs that are ignored in the print process and, of course, there is the shipping. 
The reality is that if you want quality printing at a reasonable price, seek out a relationship with a printer. If he is worth his salt you will benefit in the long run. He can help you save money with your print projects, be a great resource, and watch out for you during the print process. 
Check your local printers first and leave the cookie cutter Internet brokers alone. There is a local print service that can help you for as little as they advertise. And by all means look for local printing services on-line.

Thomas Miner

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flyer Printing as Cost Effective Advertising

Flyer printing can be a really useful means of getting the word out about your business. If you provide a fairly common service or product, you should consider flyer printing as a means of advertising for your business.
Flyer printing can be done with little expense and the more flyers you print, the lower the cost.  There are printing services that will give you inexpensive quotes and provide your business with flyer printing services.  Flyer printing has been an effective form of advertising for literally hundreds of years.
In fact, flyer printing was one of the very first types of commercial advertising ever put into use.  Tacking a flyer on walls, and trees, telephone poles, and street signs was probably the first form of outside billboard advertising.  Although with today’s laws and regulations, it is not recommended that you plaster outside walls, poles, or signs with your business flyers.
The best place to put them is up on community bulletin boards such as those often found in Laundromats and grocery stores.  Lots of businesses do door-to-door canvassing, featuring flyers.  Sometimes flyers are handed out in parking lots and strip malls.
One of the best things you can do to bring attention to your business is to feature color flyer printing in your advertising.  Pink, blue, and green are among the favored colors for flyer printing.
Pink paper is often chosen because it grabs the eye of the recipient.  Blue is a color that people find comforting and it relays a feeling of security and professionalism.  Green, of course, is the color of money.
If you are considering printing a large number of flyers (thousands) at one time, you might want to look into the services of a local printing service like Bartleby Press.
Whatever way you choose to distribute your newly designed flyers, you will want them to have a clean layout with a call-to-action message.  Flyer printing often involves offering a special discount or a coupon for savings to the flyer recipient.  Often, it is the special offer that brings them through the door .

Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Design Your Brochure

Know the basics to create an effective design.
1. Get graphic software that can handle large full color files. These programs give you the ability to enhance, edit and improve on the different elements of your design. However, if your budget is limited and you do not want to buy these programs and software, you can opt for a printing service like Bartleby Press that can deliver you quality graphic services in far less time and that allows you to do what you do best.

2. Keep you design simple. A simple design will enable your target audience to get and easily grasp your desired message. All you get is 10 seconds.

3. Be aware of colors. Full color printing will grab and hold attention. If you are short on the budget, two color printing can be effective if used properly.

4. Always keep your text readable.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bartleby Press offers Catholic pastors solution to social media with integrated communication

The US Catholic Bishops are Urged to Embrace Social Media in Order to Effectively Evangelize ‘Digital Continent’
“Although social media has been around for less than 10 years, it doesn’t have the makings of a fad,” said Bishop Herzog. “We’re being told that it is causing as fundamental a shift in communication patterns and behavior as the printing press did 500 years ago. And I don’t think I have to remind you of what happened when the Catholic Church was slow to adapt to that new technology,” he said, referencing the Protestant Reformation.
“Anyone can create a blog,” he noted. “Everyone’s opinion is valid. And if a question or contradiction is posted, the digital natives expect a response and something resembling a conversation. We can choose not to enter into that cultural mindset, but we do so at great peril to the Church’s credibility and approachability in the minds of the natives, those who are growing up in this new culture. This is a new form of pastoral ministry.” 

Call or click to get more information on simplifying your social media.

Thomas Miner

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A good brochure design engages not only to produce a simple flashy design, but it will also ask for a call to action. Your brochure must leave a potential client with something he or she has desired to receive from you. A study has proven that people act more positively and retain information for longer time that they have received from full color promotional brochures. 

BARTLEBY PRESS makes sure to print all your brochures in a most appealing way.
Thomas Miner

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Monday, November 22, 2010

When you do consider MPS-Managed Print Services?

The MPS market has evolved over the years, and today it has become a core business process. Medium to large enterprises Companies that have not yet leveraged MPS, are looking at it to cut costs. Creating a document management system and backing your documents up with your printing service saves time and money.  
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'FeedbackFooter' a Good Business Practice

Business owners can now receive the feedback of their clients conveniently, by printing feedback footer on their bills, recipes, invoices and any other material.
This is an excellent feedback management tool that will allow business owners to effectively capture, organize, group, categorize and even review the feedbacks provided by their respective clients. This 'FeedbackFooter' works efficiently for getting feedback, by both online as well offline means. One can use the forms as tab widget or link in their websites, or get it printed on invoices of bills. Anyone that runs a business know some of your customers will be dissatisfied, no matter how good you are at your work. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of the grievances and feedback of the customers so that you can improve your service and meet their expectations in all aspects. Consider adding the concept of 'FeedbackFooter', which is specifically designed to help the business owners serve their customers efficiently.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Should Catholic churches use Social Media?

Churches are beginning to recognize the importance of having a presence with social media. Soon, if not already, they will experience pressure from members to “get with it” as some youth ministries are starting blogs, Facebook pages and twitter. Some staff members have their own page and or are commenting on others’ pages.

There is a legitimate concern about protecting the church’s good name. The best way to do that (and actually use social media) is to establish clear policies on the use of social media by staff and members. Accordingly, the Code of Canon Law contains numerous examples of the Bishop's right and duty in this matter. Among them are canons which relate to the role of Bishops' conferences in establishing norms for those who give radio and television talks on Christian doctrine (c. 772.2), and the requirement that the name Catholic not be assumed "without the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority" (cc. 216, 300; cf. also c. 312).

Canon law urges the pastors of the Church "to endeavor to make use" of these contemporary means of communication (c. 822.1). They are to be among the means the Church uses for catechetical formation (c. 779). "Catholic religious instruction and education ... provided through the various instruments of social communication" are included in this area "subject to the authority of the Church," and it is the responsibility of "the conference of Bishops to issue general norms" in this area (c. 804.1).

The policies for social media need to be clear and enforced. When accepting comments from others—it is also good to have guidelines for those who make the comments. This allows the organization to exercise quality control and lets the employees, staff and members know the guidelines under which they may use social media.

As stated by Pope John Paul II “The question confronting the Church today is not any longer whether the man in the street can grasp a religious message, but how to employ the communications media so as to let him have the full impact of the Gospel message.

Thomas Miner
Bartleby Press

Friday, November 5, 2010

With digital printing create your holiday greeting card

Every year I send out Christmas cards and I try to make them as personal as I can. Often reflecting a theme of harmony, peace or patience. Sometimes I actually take time to write a thought or two about our relationship and how grateful I am for all my blessings. Getting a message like that goes a long way in building customer relationships. Ask your local printing service about the possibilities.
Thomas Miner
Bartleby Press

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here’s a holiday gift idea!

Gather up a few of the precious moments that you captured on your digital camera and take them to your local print service. You can have the professionals enhance your photos or use them just the way they are as holiday cards, party announcements, postcards, or brochures. With the use of digital printing, you can create keepsakes for many occasions including wedding day photos, birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays and even funerals. The possibilities that digital printing presents are limitless.
Thomas Miner

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What gains can you expect from printing brochures?

Target your customer base with a call to action service. Each type of brochure you make is uniquely memorable and should make a lasting impression on your potential clients with a distinct design and eye-catching color scheme. It is important to find a printer that puts utmost importance to quality printing so you can leave a lasting impression on your clients with a well-designed brochure. Print what only what you need to get results from an established printing firm like Bartleby Press.
The convenience that you can experience with brochure printing is as simple as having Internet access and clicking your mouse to the website of

Thomas Miner
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Business Cards are best way to advertise your business

I don’t ever recall intentionally not having my calling card with me. Just today standing in line ordering a sandwich I gave a card to a person in need of a printer. Don’t leave without them; give them away to promote your business and make sales. Out of all forms of printed advertisement, this is the most familiar. Business cards make the image of a thriving business and they are fantastic to make new business contacts during networking meetings.
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Thomas Miner
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Monday, November 1, 2010


Brochures are highly prominent tools when it comes to marketing a business. Most entrepreneurs see brochure printing as a crucial undertaking for promotions because it makes it reaches their target market and inform them about their offers. It must promote products, services and events and uphold the company’s image as well. In the world of business brochure printing continuous to be one of the most sought after services. With the help of printing services like Bartleby Press brochure printing can truly be a rewarding endeavor. The gains that you can obtain from brochure printing are basically about showcasing your products and your company to potential clients.
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Business Cards are best way to advertise your business

Don’t leave home without them; give them away to promote your business and make sales. Out of all forms of printed advertisement, this is the most familiar. Business cards make the image of a thriving business and they are fantastic to make new business contacts during networking meetings.
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Thomas Miner
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Digital printing has a relatively short history, since the 1990s....Most recently designers adapted to fabric printing on wide rolls of fabric. Cost may be prohibitive to small designers but the one constant and advantage of digital printing is short run and quickly. Digital printing can be done in very small quantities - even less than one meter - and designs can be custom printed.
The more adventurous and artistically minded designers were leaders in the digital-print movement - think Alexander McQueen, Mary Katrantzou and Erdem Moralioglu. Australian designers also in that set were fast to pick up on this and some of the first to utilize this new technology included Josh Goot, Lisa Ho, Carl Kapp, Willow and Tina Kalivas.
Thomas Miner
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Off-line marketing strategies, print services.

There are numerous ways to advertise your business off-line, you can use word of mouth, which is very common but restricted, and radio or TV/cable/satellite broadcast advertising to air your advertisements but it is pricey and often not practical for small business entrepreneurs.
This is where printing services comes into play as a fantastic marketing approach. With print a business can promote in a cost effective way, grab the attention of people and it is tangible. People tend to believe more in the printed word. Large businesses use this form of advertising because it is very effective.
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Thomas Miner
President, Bartleby Press