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Monday, April 25, 2011

Outsource Brochure Printing To Save Time and Money

We live in a world of convenience and taking shortcuts can cost your business in the long run. Searching the web for an online printer is a great way, and perhaps the only way, to find a good quality printer to provide brochures for you. It can save you time and money if …you are adept at creating print files for the press.

Once you find an online brochure printing service you can begin to build a relationship with your printing service. More and more businesses outsource printing services to cut down on overhead, free up staff to take care of other vital tasks, and take the worry out of completing the project.

Concentrate on mapping your message with your brochures and leave the rest to the your printing service. At Bartelby Press we can provide you with professional brochures at affordable prices, design the brochures and come up with a creative layout. A good deal of money can be saved: no need to hire an in-house designer, spend money on printing equipment and paper stock

You can find online printing companies by searching for “printing services Austin” and look for

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the owner of Bartleby Press, a printing firm.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Your First Impression is Your Last Impression

Presenting a good brochure may not close the deal but it can greatly improve your chances and leave a sustainable impression. Creating a good image when it comes to the use of printed material requires effort and finding a good printing service.

Begin by defining your image. Do you have photos collected and copy written? Do you have your specific colors picked out? Are you working in RGB or CMYK? Do you have corporate guidelines to follow? Do you know the finished size? Number of folds? If so, gather all required copy, logos, design requirements and PMS colors.

Computers have made creating brochures easy but knowing how to set margins, build gutters, sizing for bleeds, allow for cuts and folds requires skill and expertise. Purchasing a design program is expensive and if you are not in the business of marketing your time may be better spent on hiring a graphic designer and directing them. In most cases, a good printing service will offer solutions to make sure it is done correctly. If the piece is not complicated it can be done quickly and easily and worth every penny spent allowing you to do what you do best…sell your product and services.

When selecting your printing service ask about their capabilities. Are they short-run or long run? Do they have digital printing for quick turn-around? Or can they deliver variable data? Provide mailing lists? Direct mail services? Do they provide these services or sub-contract out? Examining the product requirements is crucial and the more questions you have answered the better you brochure will look and your chances of getting an accurate quote improved. Communicating with the providers either by visiting, calling or emailing is necessary. They can be a valuable resource for you.

Finding a good printing service may be a lengthy and time consuming process, but it is worth the effort. If they are a quality service you have just made a good friend. Besides no one likes to do business with people they don’t like or don't help you grow your business.

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the owner of Bartleby Press, a quality printing service.