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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Websites by Bartleby Press

I know I have been delinquent in posting a blog for the last few weeks(a marketing no, no) but we have been busy developing a new addition to our communication services. I thought about this for a long time over the frustration I had with so called web designers, web masters, or web information specialists. They have been at least unreliable, inconsistent and at times, incompetent with my business development strategy. This is a common frustration among business owners. Competency is the highest compliment that I give to an employee or vendor. To be competent means that I can ask you to get it done and not think about it again because I know it will get done right the first time. But I stray…announcing Websites by Bartleby.

Websites by Bartleby is developed around the benefit that we see in clean, concise, informative and affordable websites.

When your community is on the go, your connection to their lives should be too! With the use of Wordpress, an easy to use website developer program, all the benefits of having a source for your online community is there without all the frustration and disappointments. We still maintain our position statement—High Tech Solutions…Old Fashioned Service!

Websites by Bartleby works to create for you a 20 plus page website that is tailored to your business and online community needs. After development the site administration can be handed over to your staff. It is that simple—EASY to update, and enhances your personal intention online. 

Should you need our continued assistance we also offer website limited maintenance and full management services as an aid to your website’s growth and development.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to choose a Print Service.

If you are a print broker, designer, procurer or any part of the publishing industry you should already have a working knowledge of the "Print Process." Far too often I am asked to quote a job and there is little or not enough information to forward a quality estimate. This will offer me the opportunity to speak with a person and establish a working relationship.

Most print firms have an online presence that should guide you through the process; Quantity, finish size, process or spot color, bleeds, pages- one side or two side, bleeds, folds, bindery, did I mention bleeds. I don't think that is taught in school or they cut the class that day. Know what is required of your artwork before you ask for a quote as it will make a difference in the quote.

Before visiting a simple phone call can save time and money. Going over your specs asking press size and requirements is essential to the decision making process. It will also let you know if the print firm has a working knowledgeable or a sales person is working on commission. If they can answer your questions and are helpful then and only then it might be worth your time to visit the plant.

Clean press rooms are sign of conscientious workers. However, talking to line pressmen about a job on the press is generally a no,no. That is why print firms have heavy charges for press checks. It is distracting them from the job and asking questions about color or what could be different when the job is on the press is too late. Those are the questions you should ask the pre-production staff. Keep in mind any quality print firm should check your work and assist you before the plates are burned.