Bartleby Press

Bartleby Press

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Austin Printing Service is a Market Resource

As more marketers and businesses turn to alternative media in lieu of print services for their business communications needs, they often miss an opportunity to improve the customer experience when they leave digital printing out of the mix.

Color brochures, flyers, business cards and point of sale information are still effective touch points to get the marketer’s message across in the most effective manner. Why, because print has a tangible presence that conveys credibility.

Bartleby Press is a local printing service that provides print on demand. They have rapid turn-around digital printing that provides the highest quality imaging in small volumes that drive recipients to visit your URL. Providing short run digital printing allows the marketer to update with more real-time information, so they can finely map a message to specific individuals or groups.
To keep the dialog going, a high-quality postcard can be mailed to these qualified segments with yet another value offer. This way, the business is using the less expensive IT medium to narrow the field, and invest in high quality print for those who are likely to become sources of revenue.

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